December 10th Comic List

Here are the highlights for the comics I’ll be picking up tomorrow (as if anyone cares.  Seriously.).

Action Comics #872: Geoff Johns continues to fire on all cylinders with some of the best Superman stories done since…well, hell, since for a long time.  

Final Crisis #5: once more down the rabbit hole.  

Punisher War Zone #1: Ennis and Dillon.  Easily one of my favorite writer/artist teams in comics.  

Secret Invasion Dark Reign: Bendis and Maleev.  Another one of my favorite “can’t miss” writer/artist teams.

Secret Six #4: one of the best team books most people aren’t reading.

Titans #8: yet another best team book most people aren’t reading.



4 Responses to “December 10th Comic List”

  1. nickpierce Says:

    is that a new Punisher series ( #1 )
    don’t go to book store these days.
    library is working for me.
    ready to make an exception if there is some fresh Frank out there.

    thanks ,

    • Noah Kuttler Says:

      It’s actually a six issue weekly limited series that is sort of a “sequel” to the first Ennis/Dillon story-arc with the Gnucci family. The first issue was everything I wanted from an Ennis Punisher story, with just a bit more… because that’s how great this team is. At this rate, it’s worth checking out in singles or as a trade.

  2. nickpierce Says:

    Thanks for the info,Noah.
    Is there a site with P- cover t shirts for sale?
    Kitchen Irish cover for example?
    My second month w/computer.
    Still figurin’ it out.
    Short story on wordpress writing blog you might dig.
    ” Bar Talk ”
    o.k. thanks again

  3. nick pierce Says:

    o.k. found t-shirt site
    don’t have design i’m lookin’ for
    ‘s arright- can make one
    “Bar Talk ” buried in posts now.
    ‘taint nuthin’
    Just learned 2nd punisher movie made.
    seein’ it tomorrow.
    take it light,later-nick

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