Quote: Greatest Hits (Vertigo Comics)

Since about 1995, I’ve maintained a file called “quotes.doc” where I write down quotes that catch my attention.

When I see great quotes, I’ll use this blog to share them.  The following is from Greatest Hits #4 (Vertigo Comics, David Tischman / Glenn Fabry).  The scene has Nick in a storage facility commenting:

Better to pay thirty bucks a month forever than wast my time going through it all.”  

My storage facility is a tad more than $30 a month, but I still agree.  

While not a proper review, I will say that Greatest Hits is a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the last two issues of the mini-series.  

There’s something ‘familiar’ about the book that I can’t quite put my finger on.  It feels a lot like some of the deconstructionist super hero comics I’ve read in the past like Bratpack, Flex Mentallo, 1963 and even ‘tamer’ but more recent books like Brubaker’s The Order (especially with the interview-style narrative device). 

Writer David Tischman in comic book circles is perhaps best known as the co-author (with Howard Chaykin) of Bite Club,  American Century and Son of Superman.  Tischman delivers much of the edge that Chaykin does in his solo writing as well as some of the classic Chaykin naughtiness (yes, there’s a reference to oral sex in issue #1).  

Glen Fabry’s art is more relaxed then his cover work, quite possibly due to the fabulous inking of Gary Erskine.  Together, they have a look that feels a lot like Don Simpson’s Megaton Man.

The elevator pitch on this book is “The Beatles of super heroes” and I suppose that’s accurate.  If you’re not picking up the singles, assuming it comes to a satisfying end (which is why I hate doing reviews mid-stream), it’d be worth checking out in trade paperback form for a plane/train trip.


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