Quotes: Tucker: The Man And His Dream (Film)

The George Lucas/Francis Ford Coppola film, “Tucker: The Man And His Dream” was on this weekend.

Frankly, it doesn’t really hold up as a movie to spend 90 minutes watching.  The performances are good, the directing is stylish, but it’s the kind of period piece / “biopic” movie that littered the late 80’s and early 90’s; complete with an  ‘…and the Oscar goes to’ -style monologue by Jeff Bridges towards the end (in a courtroom no less).

There’s kind of a reason they don’t make pictures like this anymore. 

Anyhow, Tucker was a true pioneer in the automotive industry.  He was in the process of producing a car with features that the Big Three Detroit automotive corporations had yet to implement such as safety glass, disc breaks and seat belts.  

And it was because he was outpacing Detroit that they sent the Government and the politicians they had in their pockets after him and ultimately forced him out and shut him down (only 50 Tucker Torpedo automobiles were produced).  

What was interesting was a line from a Plymouth Motors executive.  It is the type of completely out-of-touch thinking that you throw your hands up in the air and scream when you hear…and yet, sadly, you’d think it came out of the recent automotive bailout.  Here’s the quote: 

“A well run corporation doesn’t waste money to research innovations.  Unless keeping up with the competition demands it.”


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