Another Sean Penn Movie

Sean Penn’s win last night at the Oscars for “Best Actor” in Milk might have younger (and older) fans looking at some of the other movies in his catalog.

Penn has been extremely selective with the roles he has taken, and while so many of his movies are top notch, one of them stands out in my mind and is worth a drop in your Netflix que.

The Falcon And The Snowman is a somewhat dated 1980’s movie based on the true story of a man disillusioned by his Government and his “f*** up” of a friend.  You can probably tell which part Penn plays.  

The movie is directed by John Schlesinger, and while the subjects the movie addresses (family, friendship, loyalty) have been addressed in any number of movies and television shows, this movie still holds up.  In large part due to Sean Penn’s powerful performance.  

Like I said, it’s worth a rental.  If for nothing else, then to get nostalgic for Cold War-era spy games…



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