Why You Should Not Care That Marvel Ended Its Open Submission Policy

At Comic Book Club (see the Newsarama link here) C.B. Cebulski did what I think was a fantastic job of explaining how this is not the end of the world.

The barrier to entry to create comic books is the lowest it has ever been.  Creating a comic and delivering it to an audience can be as simple as Kinko’s and distributing it via mail-order and the web.  Or designing a web-based comic.  Or going to a small publisher.  Or self-publishing.

So, getting your material out there is not only “possible,” its very doable.  Which is why as C.B. points out, much of the new talent Marvel hires come from books their editors and creators are reading (if you look at Marvel’s talent pool, it’s clear they are continuing to add to their roster – new names are being added almost every quarter).

Marvel is still going to do convention portfolio reviews, which  is a sign that they’re trying to do right by creators. I’d suggest to Marvel that they might also try to do another “Marvel Try Out” through MySpace or their own website, seeing as how Mark Bagley was one of the winners of that talent search (pre-reality shows no less).

Bottom line for creators: publish publish publish and don’t wait for anyone to give you “permission” to do so.  Work follows more work and so on and so forth…


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