This Is What Comic Conventions Are About

My rant about SDCC the other day (“Comic Con, No More!“) was fueled, in large part over the fact that I feel that there’s a generation that is missing out on great comic book convention experiences.

Which is why I smiled when I saw the article, “When Matt Fraction teamed up with the littlest Vision” (Robot 6)

Matt Fraction and Christian (aka The Vision)

Matt Fraction and Christian (aka The Vision)

According to Shaun Manning’s article for CBR, Christian — in full Vision attire — asked a question of the panel, and Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada invited him to the dais. He even got a hand-scrawled placard.

This kid is awesome.

Marvel Comics is awesome.

Joe Quesada continues to be the coolest Editor-In-Chief since Stan Lee.

Everyone at this panel now has a shared experience that brings them closer to the comic book community.

How many of the “Hollywood” panels had the littlest Vision on their stage?

[PS I want to point you to Whitney’s “Comic-Con pics ‘n’ reflections: Why I loved ’09 (but it still wasn’t perfect)” on PopCandy where she does an excellent job, as always, of summing up so many of my thoughts about the subject]


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