Intuit Hates Quicken Mac Users (And Puppies)*

* I have no proof that they hate puppies, per say, but it made for a more dramatic headline.

I should clarify the statement that Intuit “hates” Mac users.

To say that Intuit “hates” Mac users is to say that they’re even thinking about them.

Based on my experiences with Intuit, they are clearly not.

My most recent experience with Intuit has left me with the impression that they have little to no regard for their Mac customers at all.

Quicken 2007 For Mac has been one of the most miserable software experiences I’ve ever had, PC or Mac, and last Friday it was made even more frustrating by Intuit’s failure to assist me with the most basic of software problems.

The Problem: one of my credit cards was not downloading into Quicken.

Background: I’ve had the above issue with one of my credit cards not downloading into Quicken for a few weeks, but haven’t had time to sit down and fix it.  Friday, I set aside time to do exactly that.  My first call was to the credit card company and after talking to an extremely polite (and rather sincere) customer support technician, he determined that the “OL-249” error message I was getting was the result of a Quicken problem that has to do with an out-of-date security certificate.  He then provided me with the URL that contained the updater file and instructions and I figured that would be the end of it.

Fair enough.  I thanked him, hung up, read the instructions but was unsuccessful in getting the updater to work.

I then contacted Intuit using the “chat” feature on their website.  I explained how I was getting an error message on their updater and the Intuit customer support technician asked me, “Are you using Snow Leopard?”

“Yes,” I replied (almost knowing what was going to come next).

The technician then proceeded to tell me that this updater did not work on Snow Leopard.

The end.

Seriously.  The end as in that’s all he could tell me.

No work-around.  No ETA on when it would work in Snow Leopard.

See the transcript below.  The conversation just kinda…ended.

Which is fine for him.  But I’m left holding the bag on this thing.  So what next?

Step 1) Blame The Customer?

I admit, this might partially be my fault.  Given Intuit’s miserable track record for supporting the Mac, made evident by the lack of regular updates and the fact that the application is riddled with the most basic of user interface quirks, I should have taken the time to resolve this problem before my Snow Leopard upgrade.

That said, developers smaller than Intuit have had copies of Snow Leopard for quite some time now and most companies have been posting regular updates to their software in anticipation of the mass upgrade of users.  I should note that history has proven that Mac users update to new OS versions en mass and often in record numbers (this version was no different, in fact a few sources were anticipating it to be bigger than Leopard. Ars Technica has those numbers if  you want to dig them up).

That said, Intuit’s “official” response to Snow Leopard is that the Quicken For Mac web page claims support for v10.6 (Snow Leopard) and the next version of Quicken for Mac (which is a rewrite from what I’ve read) is scheduled for February, 2010 (see Intuit Blog).

One would then assume that “support” today for Quicken 2007 on Snow Leopard means “full support” as in, even the updaters work.  One would assume…

Further, since it’s a solid six months before the next version (and not everyone will be updating day of release), I can hardly be the first (or last) person that is going to need to use this updater.

So, nope.  I’m not going to take blame for this problem.

But, so far the only thing Intuit has expressed to me is that they have no desire or interest to help me.  So what’s my next move?

Step 2) Speak Louder

The technician “assisting” me in the chat was powerless to help me and had little to no information on how to help me.  Kinda weak.  He had neither a work-around or an ETA on when this would be resolved.

So, I’ve written up this blog.

I will Twitter @Quicken (and @Intuit) and am prepared to continue to Twitter them until I get a resolution.

Step 3) What Do I Want?

I would like either a work-around to resolve this problem (now), or an acceptable ETA as to when the updater will be fixed to work with Snow Leopard.

By “acceptable,” I’m thinking within the next 30 days or less.

That’s it.  Very simple.  And the type of thing I should have gotten when I contacted their customer support.

Step 4) What I’m Willing To Do In Return?

I will update this blog with any replies I get from Intuit.  I’ll leave the comments open (unless comments become unreasonable) and will try to document this problem through to what I hope is an eventual resolution.

I would like to think that in addition to solving my problem, someone/somewhere at Intuit marketing might want to use the topics discussed in this post to mend the broken relationship between Quicken For Mac and Mac users such as myself.

We shall see what happens next…

Chat Transcript

I have posted the chat transcript below (I have removed the technician’s name because it’s not relevant)

Quicken: Welcome to Quicken chat support. My name is Sehkhomang. Please give me a moment while I review the info you
Noah: OK.
Quicken:: Hello Noah.
Quicken: I understand your concern and I assure you that I will assist you in the best possible manner.
Noah: Yes.
Quicken: When was the last time you were able to download transactions into the Quicken program without any issue?
Noah: I can still do it for one of my credit cards. The other one that I’m having issue. It was about May 28th or so.
Quicken: Which version of Quicken are you using? Is it the Quicken for Mac or Quicken for windows?
Noah: Quicken For Mac 2007 version.
Quicken: Are you using the new Snow leopard?
Noah: Yes.
Quicken: Noah, I understand your concern and I would like to inform you that we are aware of this issue with the new snow
Noah: And?
Noah: Is there a way to fix this with Snow Leopard?
Quicken: As of now we have no solution to fix the issue. My apologies; I am trying my best to help you.
Quicken: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Noah: Give me an ETA on when this will be fixed, please.
Quicken: To be honest with you, I am not sure when this will be fixed. Please contact us back after 1 week to check if the
issue were fixed.
Noah: This is ridiculous. It’s bad enough that full support for Snow Leopard isn’t coming until Feb of next year, but how do you not have a fix for this issue when developer editions of Snow Leopard have been available to companies like Intuit for months?
Noah: Please tell your managers that this is unacceptable and I will be writing about how Intuit failed miserably with their
support for their customers.
Quicken: I really appreciate your feedback and I can imagine your frustration.  Had I been in place of you I would have feel the same.
Noah: Fail.


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7 Responses to “Intuit Hates Quicken Mac Users (And Puppies)*”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    Hi Noah,

    Thanks for your feedback. The information you’ve provided in this post is helping us to help you and other Quicken for Mac 2007 customers transition to Snow Leopard. We haven’t had a ton of customer complaints, but for the couple of issues we’re still working out (we were unable to officially test till Snow Leopard was released) – there are workarounds available.

    You should be getting a direct response shortly from one of our team members, but I also wanted to let you and your readers know that we’ve got a publicly available community in place so customers can get Q&A about our products (answered by other customers, and by our product teams and staff).

    Today, I updated a Q&A item based on information from our team:

    Thanks again for helping us improve.

    – Chelsea, Quicken

  2. Noah Kuttler Says:

    Thank you Chelsea.

    If I can provide some advice to you and your team for a moment to learn from this incident.

    The question I ask as a customer is, why did it take my blog post and the Twitters to get to this point where I’m starting to see real assistance?

    When I had the chat with the technician on Friday his response was pretty much, “Sucks to be you. Next.”

    Why put the pressure on me to contact Intuit within a week? Someone from Intuit should be taking my name and e-mail address and contacting me.

    He did not take my name/e-mail address for someone to get back to me with an official response. Didn’t provide me with an ETA. Didn’t even mention the forums that you are pointing to as someplace to go to post the problem. He just kinda…STOPPED.

    If the customer support technician that I first spoke with was as relentless as you and the other people I have spoken to were, this entire situation would have had an entirely different tone and it’d have been a more positive experience.

    It’s clear to me that your lower-level technicians need to be empowered the way that you and your team are…

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  4. Tom Says:

    Hello Noah, I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and was getting the dreaded OL-249 error message. I followed links on your blog to the Intuit support site and downloaded the update. Everything works fine now. Thank you for taking the time to put up a blog and get this problem some attention. Having worked in software development, I know that the closer you get to the new release, the harder it is to get the resources to fix an old problem. My hat is off to you for making sure Intuit addressed this problem and did so promptly. I was dead in the water and wondering what the hell I was gonna do. thanks.

  5. Tom Says:

    One more thing – a shout out to Chelsea for getting the fix done. I have been in her shoes and I know it ain’t easy. Big thanks to her.

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