Day 2: Me, Myself And (Finally) Intuit

When last I left my blog, I had posted my frustration with Intuit (“Intuit Hates Quicken Mac Users (And Puppies)*) and then sent Twitters to @Intuit and @Quicken.

That was yesterday.

This morning, Jeremiah Owayng’s wrote an excellent blog, “How Customer Support Organizations Must Evolve” where he used Intuit as a positive example.

A bit cranky from my “brain dump” on the blog yesterday, I responded to Jeremiah via Twitter and then on his blog about this incident.

That seemed to get some traction with regard to getting people from Intuit on the case.

Within the hour (quicker than that, actually) I got replies from @QuickenJim, @prgully and specifically from @QuickenChels who seems to have taken the charge with putting me in touch with someone who can help me.

When last I left it with her, someone from Intuit was going to respond directly to me.

In the meantime, she put something on their live community (see “QuickenFor Mac 2007 and Snow Leopard“) and she responded in the comments section of my first blog post.

Things are going smoothly, and I await hearing from someone at Intuit to resolve this problem and I will of course do a third blog to discuss how/when this was resolved and provide some of the details as to how Intuit snapped into action.

Here’s the thing though, and I mention this in my response to @QuickenChels’ comment.

It’s frustrating that it had to come to all of this.  The blog.  The Twitter.  The comments.  All of this.  Just to get the original support that I was looking for on Friday.

The individuals who have responded to me today have been relentless and have given me options (like the Live Community) that weren’t discussed by the original technician on Friday.  Had I seen that level of commitment and knowledge on Friday from the original technician, we’d be having a different conversation and I’d have had a more positive experience.

I would like to be clear about something as well.

I was not, nor am I currently, looking for anything more than the level of support that any customer would get when contacting Intuit with the same problem.

I’m not looking for special treatment.  I’m just looking for a solution to my problem and to know that Intuit is concerned with resolving my issue.

They have shown me this now, but that was not there on Friday.

I say that, to say this.  What makes great customer service?

This whole incident reminds me of the Four Season and their use of the “Golden Rule.”

Put simply, the “Golden Rule” and that’s about treating customers and employees the same.  Treating them the way that you would like to be treated.

The best example of this (and it is discussed in the book “Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy” by Isadore Sharp) is when a customer showed up for a charity event with former President and First Ronald and Lady Nancy Reagan, not knowing the event was a a black tie affair.

The customer was noticeably uncomfortable and a Four Seasons employee overheard him talking with his wife about it.  He asked the customer to come with him and told another employee about this customer not having a tuxedo.

The other employee changed out of the tuxedo he was wearing, got into his street clothes, pressed the tuxedo and gave it to the customer so he could go back in and blend in with the other guests.

The Four Seasons gave this customer the shirt off their back and at the time they didn’t know who this customer was from a whole in the ground.  All they knew is that he needed a tuxedo.  He had a problem and they could solve it for him.

The customer turned out to be the head of A.T. Kearney, and that positive experience made him shift the bulk of his company’s business to the Four Seasons.

When you empower employees at all levels and when they strive to do right by their customers – you get stories like this and you reduce the number of stories that start out like mine.

Stay tuned to “Part 3” when I do hear from Intuit and we go to the next step… See my “Day 2A” post where the issue has no been resolved…

BTW, it is worth your time to read Jeremiah’s blog post on this topic (and not just because I commented on it) as well as follow him on Twitter.


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