The Day I Tried To Start The Meme #nerdfight

In my review of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra, I talked about the concept of “canon” and how with fictional characters there are those things that are subject to interpretation and those that are not (period).

Cannon: Superman is from the planet Krypton.

Canon items, for the most part, are collectively agreed upon by nerds and become the unspoken common law of the land whereas those items that are subject to interpretation (like, should Pa Kent be alive or dead?) form the basis of trails of message board posts that can only be described as “nerd on nerd” violence.

For every one person that comments on items that are subject to interpretation, there are are twenty people ready to shout them down.

On the InterWeb, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, except when it’s wrong.

And that got me thinking.

How much fun would it be to conflict with canon. To confuse the itchy trigger fingers of nerds with statements like:

Voyagers was Doctor Who, done right!

They ruined Batman when they got rid of his Knightfall armor.

That was the inspiration for the Twitter hashtag #nerdfight that I posted earlier today.

I won’t over analyze my intentions or how people can/will use it except to say that you should try it. It’s a lot of fun and I’m hoping it catches on.

Follow the tag on Twitter at #nerdfight and see if you can top the ones already out there.

PS as i was reading through the search, I noticed there were three previous “nerdfight” Twitters, but not using them as a meme the way that I was. So it’s not to say I invented the term, just the usage of the term in this meme.


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