The San Diego Comic-Con Media Bubble: No Comics Allowed

Last year, I wrote a blog post rant about the “new reality” of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and how the news media and Hollywood studios have taken over.

As evidence, the lack of respect for comic books by the news media (which is influenced by Hollywood studios) reached a high point last year when the article  “Films, actors, thousands of fans ready to roll at Comic-Con” (USA Today) made NO mention of comic books.

[as a side note, I also pointed out in the previous post that this is through no fault of the organizers of SDCC]


What do you do when the bigger, stronger (and richer) kids on the block take over your neighborhood?

You gotta get smarter.

In anticipation of it only getting worse this year, it is not surprising that the Big Two (DC and Marvel) are getting in front of the SDCC media bubble before the signal to noise ratio melts down entirely.

We’re at Wednesday and already there have been some pretty key announcements from both companies as we lead up to SDCC.

DC Comics


Any one of these announcements would be a great surprise to readers for a Friday or Saturday SDCC panel, and they would easily make headline news in the industry news sites and blogs.

Which is why I applaud the PR teams at both DC (Alex Segura) and Marvel (their blog doesn’t say, but I’m assuming it’s Ryan “Agent M” Penagos) for getting in front of the bubble and making sure that comic book readers are able to hear about these exciting things before we end up in a deluge of nonsense about Salt, Glee, The Expendibles and all the other non-comic book things that we will be inundated with…

If these past three days are any indication, there’s a lot more good news to be had as we run up to SDCC and I thank these folks for getting the word out.


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