The Eisners Are On The Right Track

In my last post, The San Diego Comic-Con Media Bubble: No Comics Allowed, I harshly accused the media and Hollywood of taking the “comics” out of San Diego Comic-Con.

And I stand by that statement.

I also made mention that this was through no fault of the convention organizers.

And I stand by that statement as well.

Which is why I was happy to see that the cast of the Scott Pilgrim film will be presenting Eisner Awards Friday night at the ceremony.  (press release)

Striking the balance between comic books and Hollywood is both crucial and difficult but by bringing in what is possibly the highest profile comic book adaptation into the Eisner awards ceremony the convention organizers have scored a huge win.

  • The Scott Pilgrim film cast and crew have put together, as far as I’ve seen and read, a very respectful adaptation of one of the best comic books of the past twenty years (and dare I say, ever) and the Universal Pictures marketing people made the right move to put some money into sponsoring this important event.
  • At the same time, the comic book creators are not being “edged out” of presenting awards (the press release lists a number of creators from Dave Gibbons, James Robinson & Jann Jones to Peter Bagge as presenters).
  • Admission is still free with a badge.  So it’s the same awards ceremony like back when I first went in 1997.
  • Comic books are still the focus of the award categories (sorry Hollywood, stick with the Golden Globes).

But most importantly, it brings the focus back onto the comic books.

It’s with great joy that I think about teenagers who may only want to catch a glimpse of Michael Cerea or Aubrey Plaza but then hear them talk about comic books and start to pick up some new books.  And they then become readers.  That’s awesome.

Good on ya’, SDCC organizers.  You did not let me down.

Now, if only Hollywood and the press can step up and match your efforts…


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