What Is A SXSW Interactive Campus?

As someone who knows (and works with*) the organizers for SXSW Interactive, I can tell you that every conversation with them has the same theme: how do we make the conference better for attendees?

This year, one of the ways that they’re going to do this is through campuses.

It’s the evolution of something I noticed last year.  Many of the sessions I attended were around the Business track, and those sessions were mostly in the Hilton and as a result, much of my interaction (meeting new people, seeing old friends) was outside those rooms.

It was nice.  I spent more time talking to people, and less time pulling “West Wing” walk-and-talks, hurrying to the next session.

A lot fewer “ships passing in the night” moments and a lot more interaction.

A campus is a single location where similar programming is held and their goal is to create micro-events at these locations.

Below is a list of the campuses (here’s the full article) and something that they plan to do shortly is put these into the schedule as “themes” (something we at IBM do for our events, but we call them tracks – and it’s always a favorite thing for attendees).

Hope to see you at SXSW this year and keep an eye out for me (which will be easier this year since I’ll be centralized thanks to the campuses).

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15

Keynotes, Featured and Distinguished Speakers
Book Readings
Meet Ups
Branding / Marketing
Design / Development
Greater Good

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15

Meet Ups

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15
Work and Happiness

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15
Late Break

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15
The Social Graph

Friday, March 11 – Tuesday, March 15
The Future of Journalism
Saturday, March 12 – Tuesday, March 15

Friday, March 11
Saturday, March 12
Latin America
Sunday, March 13 – Monday, March 14
Monday, March 14
Tuesday, March 15
Special Programming

Saturday, March 12
Special Programming (TBD)
Sunday, March 13 – Monday, March 14
Social Broadcast Track
Special Programming (TBD)
Tuesday, March 15
Special Programming (TBD)

* full disclosure: I am a member of the SXSW Interactive Advisory Board.


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2 Responses to “What Is A SXSW Interactive Campus?”

  1. Scott Says:

    So last year, I noticed there were quite a few sessions, located near each other, relating to blogging. Where do those fit in within the scope of the “campuses” you mentioned above? Some of the terms leave a lot to the imagination, until you know some specific session examples that slot under each one 🙂

    Thanks for posting – great info.

  2. Noah Kuttler Says:

    I think that what you’ll find this year is that those blogging sessions from last year will fall into a particular category and be put in a specific campus. Keep an eye out for “themes” in the schedule.

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