Official SXSW Comics Meet Up Sun March 13 (11 am)

Growing up, there was a period of time where I was the only person at my school that read comic books.

As a kid, my mother used to drive me to get comic books* and outside of her, I think the first time I saw another woman in a comic book store was in college.

Jump cut to the past ten years and a number of factors (all for another blog post) have changed what was a solitary pursuit for many such as myself into an exploding community of new readers.

The fact that comic books are available in “remote” locations like Fry’s is astounding and what’s even cooler is that readers range from casual readers like my brother to more active readers like video game players who found Scott Pilgrim and started buying other books.

It’ seems like every Wednesday at Austin Books, I see more and more new readers. (and that’s awesome)

It’s also important to mention that in 30 years of reading comic books, we are in an age of some of the best work that’s ever been done and there are no signs of that quality decreasing.

In summary: It is a great time to be reading comic books.

Which is why it was so awesome that Christine at SXSW asked me to host a meet up for comics this Sunday.

Here are the details.  Please note that you must have an Interactive, Gold or Platinum badge to attend.

Comics Meet Up

As the SXSW Interactive Festival continues to grow, it often becomes harder to discover /network with the specific type of people you want to network with. Hence a full slate of daytime Meet Ups are scheduled for the 2011 event. These Meet Ups are definitely not a panel session — nor do they offer any kind of formal presentation or AV setup. On the contrary, these sessions are a room where many different conversations can (and will) go on at once. This timeslot is for registrants to network with other SXSW Interactive, Gold and Platinum registrants who are interested in Comics. Cash bar onsite. Comic book readers are encouraged to stop by this meet up to interact with other attendees and talk about their favorite books. New readers, as well as old, are welcome to attend. After all, comics are now cool.  Hollywood celebrity Megan Fox says she reads the Avengers (citation needed).

Time: Sunday March 13 at 11:00AM (DO NOT FORGET DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!)

Venue: Driskill (Victorian Room) 604 Brazos Street

Link to the SXSW schedule page.

I want to encourage both old readers as well as new to come and attend.  Even if you’ve never read a comic book, come on by.

It’s an unstructured format and we’ll be having conversations about all sorts of comic books.  New.  Old.  Indie.  Super heroes.  Whatever you want to talk about.  I’ll even try to help match you to titles you might like.

BTW, also of note:  The Anime meetup is in the room down the hall.  So be prepared for a possible West Side Story -style rumble in the hallway.  😛

* and yes, my mother is a Saint for driving me around South Florida for comic books. No question!


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