Intuit Still Hates Mac Users (And Puppies*)

* I still do not have any evidence that they hate puppies.  It just makes for a fun and salacious headline.

The next version of the Mac OS X operating system, Lion, is here!

As a part of the “pre-flight” checklist for any operating system upgrade, users should take an inventory of their applications and determine if there are any incompatibilities that need to be fixed prior to the migration.

Snow Leopard weeded out most of the incompatible apps when they pulled the Power (legacy) code from the core operating system, but since they did have the emulator (Rosetta) I didn’t quite know for sure if Lion would be a slam dunk or a face plant.

Face Plant

My blog reader will recall the issue I had with Intuit Quicken 2007 (as documented here, here and here) and I suppose it was no surprise when I read on the The Unofficial Apple Website (TUAW) that, “Quicken won’t run on Lion: 10 Mac finance apps that will.”

Intuit Quicken 2007 For Mac.  The bane of my existence.

If only we lived in the Star Trek: The Next Generation world (see “The Neutral Zone“).  Y’know, where people moved beyond the concept of money and I didn’t have to track my finances…

But alas, we don’t.  And I use Quicken 2007 For Mac.

Or at least, I did.

That Code Is So Last Decade

Yes.  This is some old code.  It’s older than some of my friends’ kids.

Nobody, myself included, expects for a company to support old code forever.  I work for a technology company and I’ll be the last to throw stones at a company that makes a decision about the economic feasibility of “legacy” applications.

But it’s not a roadmap when it goes into a brick wall.

The Brick Wall

Ideally, the migration path from a legacy application should be to another product in the portfolio.

According to the TUAW article, customers were sent an e-mail (which, if I got it, must have gone to my spam folder) with two options:

  1. Quicken Essentials: this product (even with their discount) is an over-priced downgrade from the Quicken 2007 product.  The reviews for this product when it released were horrible.  Windows ME got better reviews.  Seriously.  The reason being that Intuit did not include much of the core functionality from Quicken 2007 in this product.
  2. Mint.Com: this product is a completely different methodology for managing finances, and one that I’m not ready to adopt.  Sorry.  And, being forced would just make it worse.  In addition to the retraining/learning curve to adapt to using Mint.Com I should mention that all of my valuable historic data from Quicken 2007 For Mac can not be imported into Mint.Com.  Significant learning curve, lack of functionality and lose of my data means Intuit is 0 for 2.

Goodbye Intuit

The worst mistake I made when I moved to the Mac platform was going entirely native and giving up Quicken for Windows.

In my defense, I wasn’t going to purchase a Windows license + virtual machine software just to run one piece of software.

In retrospect it would have been far less aggravating and frustrating if I’d just bit the bullet and spent the extra cash to do exactly that.

As a software application, Quicken 2007 For Mac has always been a dud.  It’s the ugly cousin of the fabulous Windows versions.  And I’m being generous.  I’d even go so far as to say that I’d put Quicken 2007 against Quicken versions from the 90’s.

You may say that I’m just using hyperbole.

I am not.  I have been was a loyal Intuit customer since the mid-1990’s.  I have used versions of this software that ran on Windows 95.

I have Quicken data that goes back to when I was in college.  I could tell you how much I paid for the first mattress I bought out of college.  Or give you the exact amount of money I spent on comic books in 2003.

I had been one of the biggest Inuit fans.  That is, until I moved to the Mac and they decided not to follow.

It’s probably why I made the mistake of staying with Intuit as long as I have.  My product loyalty runs ran deep.

But Lion as the forcing issue to jump off Quicken feels like it’s the right thing to do.

Hello, iBank

Goodbye Intuit, you could have kept me as a loyal customer but you couldn’t follow the market trends of so many of your users (myself included) moving to the Mac platform.

Which is ironic considering Intuit Board Member Bill Campbell has a long history with Apple.

If Intuit had the same great product they had on Windows on the Mac, we wouldn’t be here.

I mean.  Seriously.  Even Microsoft has a good version of Office that runs on the Mac.

So.  It’s with regret that I am pushing Quicken 2007 For Mac to the curb and moving to IGG Software’s iBank.

I have tested it over the past week and it seems to do everything I want it to do, which is kind of funny since my needs are quite simple:

  • I download credit card data and categorize my spending.
  • I download bank data and categorize my spending and savings.
  • I reconcile bank data.
  • I generate custom reports to understand my spending.

So, as you can see, not too complex.

Some UI choices are different. I don’t know if I’d say they are “better” or “worse” then what Intuit does.  Just different.  And after all, I’ve been using Intuit UI for quite some time.

Oh, and it’s in the Mac App Store.

Quicken Essentials is not.

What does that tell you?

Exactly.  So, hello IGG Software.  Here’s hoping you do right by me and all the other Quicken 2007 For Mac users that follow me.

Note: the trial version of iBank is available from their website, but an e-mail to their support said that if you want to install the Mac App Store version – take the evaluation app and throw it in the trash.  Purchase the version from the app store, when it runs find your iBank document file and you’re back in business.  

Also, I do not work for IGGSoftware nor have I been paid (or asked) to write this blog article.  My only contact with them was the support e-mail above.  


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