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Crank: High Voltage

April 17, 2009

Rating: A

Punk rock” has transcended the genre of music and become an adjective.  I know this as fact because as I watched the movie Crank: High Voltage, the only thing I could think of was, ‘Dude!  This film is so punk rock!

Crank: High Voltage gives the audience everything and asks for so little in return; the only thing it asks for is that we enjoy ourselves as much as the people in the film enjoyed making it.  

Seriously, everyone in this movie appears to be having a good time.  This film is art in the same way that so many Corman flicks became a part of the popular culture and pushed themselves beyond their moderate budgets and limited distributions.  

Writers/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor deliver all the action, sex, violence and shocking/disturbing material you’d ever want, but they do it with a level of thought and emotion that show that they’re not taking themselves too seriously.  

One of the reasons I describe this movie as ‘punk rock,’ is that it feels very DIY.  Neveldine and Taylor mix seemingly random filming styles into the film at moments where other directors probably wouldn’t have the balls to do such things.  

That’s just visually.  In terms of genres, it amazes me how these guys are able to switch from action and comedy so seamlessly, and quite frankly it has everything to do with Jason Statham.  Few actors can go from a gun fight to one of the most disturbingly funny interrogation scenes in a matter of seconds.  

Jason Statham can!  

I should also point out that the supporting cast, and I mean everyone who is on screen in this film, are fantastic.  Everyone in this film deserves an “‘atta boy” or “‘atta girl.”   

Here’s the deal.  State of Play opens this weekend.  Whatever.  As much as I love Rachel McAdams, get a copy of the UK version with John Simm, David Morrissey, Kelly Macdonald, James McAvoy and Bill Nighy instead and watch that at home. 

I’m sure the US version is fine and all and I’ll eventually see it at some point I’m sure.  But for now, Crank: High Voltage deserves a large opening weekend.  Go and support some real  filmmakers who are creating art.  

Go this weekend and support my new favorite “punk rock” film.  


PS  IMDB lists Nevldine and Taylor as being attached to Jonah Hex which for some reason went beyond my notice prior.  Can’t wait…