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April 15, 2009

Rating: B-

Doomsday, by writer/director Neil Marshall, is the next in a line of movies I’ve seen recently that suggests a renaissance of sorts around the “Roger Corman” school of filmmaking; big fun movies that are made on the cheap.

The real power of making a film “on the cheap” is that the less money you spend, the fewer people that feel they need to provide input, which means the more the filmmaker can get away with doing on their own.

It’s exactly what Neil Marshall does with Doomsday.

I should point out that “cheap” is a relative term. According to IMDB, the budget for this movie was $30,000,000.

That sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider the movie Australia cost $150,000,000 (according to IMDB), Doomsday would probably be the equivalent of what Baz Luhrmann spent on catering.

The point is that I can honestly say that you see every penny (and more) of that on the screen.  The action sequences and the chases play beautifully in HD.

Doomsday, like Deathrace, delivers everything you could want from it.

The plot is essentially an update of Escape From New York.  The set design is Suicide Girls by way of Mad Max / Roadwarrior.

The plot and the narrative of Doomsday are bare-bones, but not dumb.  By any means.  They’re there to carry the film forward but they also contain true emotion and character moments.

The hot and super awesome Rhona Mitra stars as Major Eden Sinclair and is a one-eyed, hardnosed asskicking leader in the spirit of Nick Fury.

What I love about Neil Marshall is that he introduces this crazy female villain early into the movie, and of course then delivers with a fantastic girl fight between her and Mitra.  He sets up multiple chase sequences and action scenes, and then quickly delivers with well high tension, well choreographed results.  Minimal tease, maximum output.

Good stuff.

One thing I will say, and this is kind of confusing.  I thought the shots of Scotland were breathtaking, but then I read the “trivia” section of IMDB and they suggest that principal photography was done in South Africa.  So, I’m assuming those breathtaking shots were in fact Scotland…but maybe it was “movie magic?”

Overall, I’d give this movie a B- (like I did with Deathrace).