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Movieline Is Back? (Yes, It Is)

April 13, 2009

When I was in high school, and through college, there were four great movie magazines.

Film Threat (1) was the definitive magazine for all things “indie” film and introduced me to movies like Shakes The Clown, Reservoir Dogs, Evil Dead and countless other greats.  Film Threat remains one of my three favorite magazines of that time period (the other two being Spy and The Nose).

Entertainment Weekly (2) handled the “day-to-day” Hollywood stuff in a weekly magazine publication that was like People, but for pop culture while Premiere (3) was the high-gloss “Rolling Stone”-style movie magazine (even down to its oversized tabloid printing size).  Premiere was a good thing to keep on your coffee table and it kinda said, “Hey, I’m really into cinema.”

And then there was Movieline (4).

Movieline was the magazine that felt like it was an insider Hollywood trade publication that was somehow smuggled out of an therapist waiting rooms across Southern California and delivered to newsstands in the other 49 states.

A while back, Movieline (as well as Film Threat and Premiere) ceased print publication.  However, today Diablo Cody Twittered that they are back and on the web.

See their announcement here.

Nostalgia for the old Movieline (many issues of which sit in milk crates in my storage locker) made me check out the site and I will say they had a nice  Emily Blunt interview.

I’m going to give them four to six weeks to win me over.

The truth is, they’re entering back into a market that might have passed them by.

From a marketing perspective, I question how much value the “Movieline” brand actually has.  How many film enthusiasts would go to Movieline over EW or other film websites?

Also, asking customers to change their habits is extremely difficult.  There needs to be real/compelling reason(s) to switch from one thing to another.

And, the truth be told, it’s always content.

Content, much like with their print publication, will either make or break this endeavour.  It’s either going to be a treasure trove of great writing and great jouranlism.  Or it’s going to be a slush pile of press releases.

Time will tell, and I’ll try to remember to write about this again in six weeks with some sort of analysis.