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Passover Observations

April 9, 2009

[For the basics, Wikipedia’s entry on Passover is quite extensive, but if you want more information, then I’d recommend the entry on Aish’s website]

So, Passover has begun and I thought I’d take a moment to make five observations about the holiday.

1) Kosher Wine Apparently Doesn’t Have To Suck: All my life, I grew up thinking that Kosher wine was either Manishevitz or something that tasted like five day old cigars dipped in a bowl of sugar and covered with grape flavored Hubba Bubba.  Episode #632 of Gary Vaynerchuk’s WineLibrary.TV, “Evaluating Kosher Wines with Daniel Rogov,” discusses some of the excellent wines coming out of Israel and California that are Kosher.  I might have to give one of them a try…

2) You Get Sick Of Matzoh Very Quickly: I’m on Day One, and already I’m sick of the stuff.

3) There’s A Reason Why Coke Tastes Better In Spring, And It’s Got Nothing To Do With The Pollen Count: Since corn (and by extension, corn syrup) are on the “do not eat” list for Passover, Coke-A-Cola (and Pepsi) make “Kosher For Passover” versions of their soda that use sugar (like “Mexican Coke”).  Look for the yellow bottlecaps on Coke and here’s a good article from the Daily Press.

4) Matzoh Doesn’t Travel Well:I have given up trying to “brown bag” my lunch during Passover since I’d usually end up with a plastic baggie 15% full of crumbs.  All I will say is that cheese and peanut butter (not together, of course) do make good “bonding agents” for keeping the crumb count to a minimum.

5) You Get Sick Of Matzoh Very Quickly: I wanted five items, but kinda ran dry…what’re ya’ gonna do?

I should point out that tonight is the second Sedar, and it’s pretty cool to be able to say that there will be a Sedar at the White House tonight attended by President Obama (CNN).  Politics aside, this is a pretty big deal and it reinforces something that I firmly believe (and often gets forgotten) which is that we as human beings are inclusive by nature. At the end of the day, we are social creatures and there are more things that can unite us then divide us.  I’ll get off my soapbox now, but like I said.  It’s cool.

Happy Passover.