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Why Twitter is Shark Proof (and Oprah-Proof, Kutcher-Proof, etc.)

April 19, 2009

On Twitter (@NoahGK), I have made mention that it is my belief Oprah might be the “killer app” that brings about widespread adoption of Twitter into the mainstream.  

Here’s the thing.  Whenever anything goes mainstream there’s a fear that some level of change will come about and it will become ruined.  

In high school, it was my friend Allyson insisting that Toad The Wet Sprocket “sold out” when they became popular (to this day, we still disagree).  Going mainstream / selling out.  It’s all gotten lumped into a single type of behavior commonly known as “jumping the shark.”  

The thing is, social media is immune from shark jumping.  And here is why.  

The model for social media is significantly different then that of old world media.  In old world media, there is a point of control (in television it’s the writers/producers) and they push their agenda to the audience.  Sam and Dixie Carter on Diff’rent Strokes for example.  

In social media, the audience is the point of control; and are in control.  We are Twitter.  

So, for example with Twitter, I am in control.  You are in control.  Each and every one of us is in control of the community and ecosystem we create for ourselves.*  

Spartacus, FTW.  Right?  

I do not follow Oprah.  I don’t follow Ashton Kutcher.  Nothing against them, but I choose for them to not be a part of my community.  As a result, I am now, and always will be, immune to what they, or anyone who i don’t choose to let into my community, do.

So will you.  But if you choose to include them, then that’s fine too.  

A tremendous amount of credit is due to Twitter (the company) because they “get it” and they continue to create a community where the audience has the level of control I mention above.  

We are in control.  Not Oprah.  Not Ashton Kutcher.  Not the next celeb that comes along.  We are now and will always be in control of the new social media and we’ll make of this tool what we want for ourselves.

Cue Pat Benatar’s, “Love Is A Battlefield” video.  

No promises, no demands!  

I’m out… 


PS Shaq, as we all know, is a guy who “gets it” and understands Twitter.  I’m not into basketball (that’d be my brother), but if I was, he’d be a welcome addition to my community.  That said, I do follow Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, and the highest compliment I can give him would be to say that on Twitter he reminds me of Shaq.